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Pure Stone Fruit Raw Honey Infused with 500mg of our Premium CBD Isolate.

Buy local directly from the Beekeepers themselves.

Half of Every Purchase goes directly Back to the Bees!


We travel with our honeybees working directly with our farmers, allowing our bees access to some of the rarest nectar in the US. Never heated, treated, or mixed in any way. You're tasting the actual nectar of the flowers those bees visited.


Stone Fruit Raw Honey;

A combination of nectars originating from peaches, plums, apricots, and hint of cherries


Perfect to pair with charcuterie boards, desserts, and tea/coffee.

Glaze onto meats, especialy chicken, for a sweet and savory flavor profile that will blow your mind!


Each jar is 5oz of raw honey.

Infused with 500mg of Premuim CBD Isolate.


*** Stir Before Use ***

*** Store in Cool Dry Place, Preferably in the Cabinet ***




Stone Fruit CBD Raw Honey

$14.99 Regular Price
$12.74Sale Price
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